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FLEXIBLE HOSES & DUCTS Automotive, industrial, food industry Flexibility, tear and perforation strength, tightness, chemical resistance, fireproofing
BELTING Automotive, industrial Abrasion resistance, mechanical properties, flexibility and adherence, electrical conductivity
DIAPHRAGMS & SEALS Automotive, aeronautical, industrial, agriculture Chemical resistance, tightness, impermeability, dimensional stability
THERMAL INSULATION Industrial, food industry Heat and cold resistance, fireproof, perforation resistance
CONDUCTIVITY Industrial, electrical and electronic industry Heat and cold resistance, electrical conductivity, fireproof
BELLOWS & EXPANTION JOINTS Rail, automotive and industrial Flexibility, deformation absortion, dimensional stability, fireproof, mechanic and chemical resistance
PROTECTION AND RESCUE Food, medical, protective clothing and nautical industry Impact resistance. abrasion resistance, tear and perforation and chemical resistance, waterproof, fireproof
FLEXIBLE TANKS Aeronautical, nautical and automotive Chemical resistance, tear and perforation strength, flexibility, tightness strength, fireproof, electrical conductivity
TEXTIL ARCHITECTURE Inflatable, special awning Tightness strength, flexibility, mechanical resistance, perforation and tear strength, chemical reasistance, UV resistance
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